Our Company

DMR Stainless Steel Suppliers has a combined service of over 90 years in a wide range of industries such as paper, pulp, sugar, storage, architectural, automotive, and shipping and petrochemical industry. We are a black empowered enterprise (level 1) company which has positioned itself in the market as leaders and strives to empower values, ethics in its business, environment and community.

Our Mission Statement

DMR Stainless Steel Suppliers shall promote the companies best interest by providing a professional system of quality, service excellence and reliability, ensuring our clients satisfaction always. We want DMR Stainless Steel Suppliers to be your vital link in the supply chain, adding value with cost effective goods, service and solutions for our customers and suppliers.

DMR focuses on the following facets regarding what we consider a well-regulated establishment:



Safety comes first: the well being of our workforce and contractors is our number one priority. A strong health and safety culture in instilled at every level of the company and is supported by a robust set of safety standards. The company is committed to continuous safety improvement to reach its goal of zero fatalities and injuries.


DMR Stainless Steel suppliers is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to all our customers. Each customer receives the personal attention they deserve, so that we are able to deliver quality products in a timely manner. Our knowledgeable team at DMR Stainless Steel is committed to making each of our customers the most important customer we have.

Skills Development

DMR Stainless steel suppliers creates, promotes and fosters individual and organizational effectiveness by offering an array of innovative and diverse programs offered by our service provider in support of the our companies commitment to employee development, partnerships, and organizational enrichment.


DMR subscribes to a code of ethics, in order to secure adherence to uniform principles of good practice and to promote and maintain confidence in the integrity of the company. The policy commits the company to the highest ethical standards of conduct and espouses appropriate personal and corporate behavior to prevent the development of undesirable business practices.

Employment Equity

DMR Stainless Steel Suppliers accepts that social development cannot be the sole responsibility of government. As a responsible corporate citizen, the company will endeavor to assist in promoting social development by building capacity within our broader society with a particular emphasis on education.



We are committed to continuous improvement by reducing the environmental impact of our products and facilities. Guided by our environmental policy, we consider the environment throughout all aspects of our business