Imagination. Innovation. Possibilities.

History of DMR Stainless Steel (Part 1)

DMR Stainless steel suppliers have gone from strength to strength and after 5 years the company continues to grow with service excellence and great teamwork.

In this edition of a 5 part documentary go through the history of the company from its inception to the establishment they run today.

Logo & Customer Service (Part 2)

In the second part of the documentary, DMR gives us insight on their logo and choice of colour as a way to separate themselves from the competition.

Client base and customer relations are also discussed by sales manager Vishnu Moodley.

Stores & Inventory (Part 3)

In Part 3 of the documentary DMR takes us into their store area and elaborate on the stock they supply to their customers guided by Muqs Bappu.
They also share their secret to success and why customers remain loyal to the company.

Family & Teamwork (Part 4)

In part 4 of the documentary DMR's motto "Family" comes to the forefront as they explain the relationship they have with one another as a team. Go through the other departments such as MDRM and Workform who work in conjunction with DMR to provide a fully comprehensive service of Steel supply, cutting and bending as well as fabrication.

Slogan & The Future (Part 5)

In the final part of the video the slogan "Imagination. Innovation. Possibilities" is discussed by the team and what it means to them. The future of DMR Stainless steel is also touched on in going forward and keeping the momentum of the company up.