About Flanges

Backing Flange
Paddle Blind Flange
Ring Type Joint
Screw On
Ring Spacer
Puddle Flange
Blind Flanges
Weld Neck
Spectacle Flange
Lap Joint Flanges
Socket Weld
Tongue & Grove
Slip on
Orifice Flange

D: Outside Diameter
K: Diameter of Bolt Circle
L: Diameter of Bolt Hole
A: Outside Diameter of Neck
E: Chamfer
F: Collar thickness
G max: Diameter of Shoulders
R: Corner Radius
N: Neck Diameter
S: Neck Thickness (Preferred value)

Typ 01:
Plate (slip-on) flanges for welding
Typ 02:
Loose plate flanges with weld-on plate collar
Typ 04:
Loose plate flanges with weld-neck collar
Typ 05:
Blank (blind) flanges
Typ 11:
Weld-neck flanges
Typ 12:
Hubbed slip-on flanges for welding
Typ 13:
Hubbed threaded flanges
Typ 21:
Integral flanges
Typ 32:
Weld-on plate collars
Typ 33:
Lapped pipe ends
Typ 34:
Weld-neck collars